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Wart Removal Methods :: What Is The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Warts?

A 5-Step System to Get Rid of Warts - Its the Best Way, Period!

As you may (or may not) know, warts are generally caused by the human papillomavirus and there are numerous types of these skin warts that can affect your skin. Most of these can be found on the feet and hands -- but some may appear on your genitals too.

Fortunately, common warts tend to disappear naturally when left alone. However, there are warts that take months or even years to disappear completely. If youíre worried that your wart will linger, then follow this step-by-step guide to get rid of your warts. This 5 step wart removal plan might not be the absolute best way to get rid of warts -- but I guarantee that it will help!

Step 1: The Wart Watch - Cleaning and Maintenance

Keep your wart dry and clean always. Although warts may appear dry, they actually thrive in moist and warm environments. Itís important to keep them dry and sterile so that they will shrivel up and eventually fall off on their own. Wash them thoroughly (but not harshly) with soap.

You can opt to use a soft skin brush or loofah for cleansing the warts and exfoliating the rough tissues. Dry off with a clean towel afterwards.

Step 2: Wart Solitary - Just Leave It Be

Donít ever pick at your warts. This is important, as it is to avoid spreading the "virus" to other parts of the skin. If youíre not careful, our picking and playing with the wart may spread it to other parts of your body without you knowing. Yeah, it can happen!

Avoid brushing, combing or shaving the areas of your skin affected with warts. You may think that step 2 contradicts step 1, but no. Just like a prisoner, the wart must be carefully guarded (and cleaned), but for the most part, they are left alone!

Step 3: Wart Attack - Go On The Offensive!

When the wart shows no signs of shrinking or just going away, it's time to start taking action with natural home remedies! Many people who suffered from warts consider the onion treatment as one of the best ways to remove warts.

To use this treatment method, prepare one piece of onion and white vinegar. First, slice small, round portions of the onion. Then, pour some vinegar inside a bowl and dip/soak the onion slices in it for up to 12 hours.

Afterwards, you may use the soaked onion slice to put on the infected region. Lastly, seal it with duct tape over a piece of cloth to completely cover any air holes. So this for several hours at a time, replacing the onion every so often.

Another effective way to get rid of warts is the tea tree oil treatment. Tea tree oil is widely used for a multitude of purposes, one of which is wart removal. With its antiseptic properties, any further infection from this skin "disease" is prevented.

This essential oil also functions to soothe the skin, hence clearing out the existing infection and curing the wart. To apply this treatment, first find a high quality tea tree oil (health & beauty stores). Dampen a piece of cotton ball with the oil and dab on the affected region. Do this method several times a day for at least one to two weeks.

Are there other natural wart remedies you can use? Absolutely! Just Visit Our Best Home Remedies For Warts Page for other remedies that can be used to get rid of warts naturally and easily.

Step 4: Wart Immunity - Build Your Defenses!

Short of chopping it off, you've done all you can do offensively with your wart. It's now time to go on defense. What do I mean by? I mean it's time to strengthen your immune system! An easy way to fight the HPV infection is -- to the complete surprise of many people -- to just boost your body's immune system. This helps in fighting off the virus, controlling it's growth and then eliminating the wart itself.

To improve your immune system, try to get lots of of vitamin C, vitamin A and B, zinc, L-lysine and beta carotene. Add more fresh fruits and veggies to your diet, especially dark green and leafy vegetables. Consume onion and garlic since these are known to fight off skin diseases. Foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins including orange, mango, papaya and kiwi are great immunity supporters. Take vitamin supplements if desired.

Personally, I take a good mulit-vitamin to bolster my immune system each day -- and that's not just for warts. It's nearly impossible to get the recommended daily vitamins & minerals the body needs to be "healthy & strong". Most of us don't pay too close attention to what we eat; we just shovel it down and move on to the next meal. This often leads to deficiencies, which leads to a weaker immune system. See the connection?

Step 5: Wart Waiting - Be Patient and Wait it Out!

There is only so much you can do, and you've really done it all at this point. Observe the condition of your wart and check for any noticeable changes or improvements over the coming days to coming weeks. Feel free to go back to step 3 and try even more natural remedies for warts, but other than that, it's now just a waiting game.

If your warts just wonít seem to go away no matter what you do, you may want to consider consulting a doctor for expert medical advice. Some stubborn warts may require more advanced medical treatments such as topical ointments or even surgical options.

I'm not a big fan of doctors or their overpriced fees, but considering all you've done, you are clearly dealing with some sort of super wart that needs far more potent treatments.

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